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February 15th, 2010

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 Moore about Franklin

It has been a little over a year since new City Administrator, Eric Stuckey, arrived and as part of the process; we are going through a series of interviews with him. Part of the preparation was to review a four page single spaced list of accomplishments by the City in 2009. The list ranges from completed infrastructure projects, community outreach and communication, national recognitions, park openings, safety initiatives, and AAA bond rating. In review of the list, all are impressive achievements but two stands out for Franklin as we go forward. I am referring to the debt and reserve fund policies and the CIP (capital improvement project) ranking. These two efforts create a roadmap for the City going forward. As Yogi Berra once said, “If you don’t know where you are going, you may not get there.” These items give direction and warnings going forward.


Work Session, February 9, 2010(highlights)

  • Franklin Brewfest (formerly Feile Franklin) March 13, 2010.
  • Curbside recycling-see below
  • Presentation of Mack Hatcher Parkway Extension Context Sensitive Design Elements-The presentation discussed the work that was approved by a group of citizens and  BOMA in 2007. The presentation concerned the proposed northwest extension of Mack Hatcher and the design elements which include observation points along the Harpeth River, native plantings, a one half mile bridge over the Harpeth River, and a 12 foot strip for non-motorized vehicles.
  • Ranking for small projects to be funded ($500,000/year)-this is the beginning of the process to identify and rank the projects that generally are less than $500,000. The projects include some of the following: access to Eastern Flank Battlefield, Nichol Mill Road, Jordan Road, Beasley Drive, Mallory station signalization, white topping improvements, traffic signal upgrades, Carothers Parkway right turn at Cool Springs, and Boyd Mill improvements to mention the most prominent ones. Your input is needed.
  • Waiving plan review and building permit fees for public schools and selected not-for-profit agencies. This failed to gain any support and will not move forward.
  • Goose Creek interchange (type of interchange)-This will move forward to the BOMA meeting on February 23, 2010.


BOMA, February 9, 2010-One of the shortest sessions on record.



Curbside Residential Recycling-On January 19, 2010 the Sustainability Commission voted to support in principle a curbside recycling program. The importance of recycling was evident by the attendance by multiple citizens at this meeting. The commission agreed to recommend to BOMA that the status quo was not appropriate and that the City should explore either a “blue bag” program or a container program curbside.

The proposal offers four options ranging from no change to a full roll out container program. The option that other cities have used with success (that eventually became a full service program) is the blue bag option. It is a weekly curbside program which would take all plastics, all paper, steel, aluminum, and cardboard (no foam or glass) and with no limit on the number of bags per household. The good news is that the savings from diminishing our waste that goes to the landfill in Murfreesboro goes a long way in paying this program. The estimates are based on a 15% diversion rate and the greater the diversion, the greater the savings. Many people have indicated an interest in a curbside recycling program and this may be an opportune time. There are a number of pressures that will continue to cause the City to divert the waste steam away from the landfill such as State regulations, available drop off sites, and the rising cost of landfill fees. The reception from the board was generally positive and the target date for implementation is July 1, 2010. Please forward your comments and ideas. HOA’s involvement and comments would also be welcome.

BOPAE.  In November of 2009, a joint effort of the City and County created a drop-off site for BOPAE (Batteries, Oil, Paint, Automotive and Electronics).  The drop-off center, located at the Solid Waste facility on Century Court provides this service Monday through Friday. This should help clean out some garages and basements of those “what do I do with them” items.

Winter Storm Cleanup- A frequently asked question during the winter storms concerns the City’s plan for cleanup of ice and snow from our roadways. The initial approach is to focus efforts on the most heavily traveled roadways and particular “trouble-spots.”  These roads include Liberty Pike, Mallory Lane, McEwen, Carothers, and Cool Springs Boulevard for the City and TDOT is responsible for Mack Hatcher, Franklin Road, Columbia Avenue, Hillsboro Road, and Highway 96. During the most recent storm over 325 tons of salt were spread using the four salt trucks of which three have snow plows. Dedicated City employees logged nearly 250 hours of overtime. Go to to view the current snow and ice removal map.

Traffic Accident Statistics (November 2009) Franklin Police Department statistics on accidents within the City show that nearly 80% of traffic accidents occur on week days with Monday’s being the worse day. Thirty percent occur between the hours of 3PM and 4PM and as might be expected more heavily traveled roads such as Mallory Lane, I-65, Murfreesboro Road and Carothers Parkway were more common sites for these occurrences. Inattention and following too closely accounted for nearly 30% of the contributing factors. The moral to the story is walk more and stay away from peak hours and the busiest roads.

Update of City Revenue-The City receives its share of sales tax revenues on a delayed basis from the State. The January receipts for the month of November 2009 were $1,736,146 compared to the same month in 2008 which were $1,816,125. This is a 4.4% decrease. Year to day, the City’s share is down 6.3% compared to the State which is down 8.2%.

Haiti-The devastating earthquake in that country continues to dominate the news. As an orthopaedic surgeon, I wanted to share some of the updates that I am receiving from the medical activities in that country and the dire conditions that continue to exist. Since the earthquake on January 12, over two hundred orthopaedic surgeons have been deployed to Haiti. Another five hundred have volunteered to go at a future date.

Comments from some of the returning surgeons:

  • “The first operating room was two picnic tables. In the first 24 hours, we performed more than fourteen surgically necessary amputations for gangrenous limbs. There were no anesthesia machines, oxygen, or other fancy things like tourniquets or power saws and sterilization solution. Civil war medicine comes to mind.” (Jan Pieter Hommen, MD)
  • “It looks like an A-bomb hit this city-entire areas without a house standing and people all living on the streets.” (Brian Parsley, MD)
  • “Many hospitals have not had electricity or sterilization. USAID helped in getting an anesthesia machine to Port au Prince and the Canadian military delivered it to the roof of the hospital by chopper.” (Timothy D. Browne, MD)

This is but a sample of some of the comments.  The response of our citizens locally and across the country has been inspirational and the people of Haiti will need our help long after our memory of the earthquake fades.


Announcements of Interest


IWRP, public hearing- On February 22nd at 6:30 PM in the Board Room at City Hall, the City of Franklin will host a Public Forum to discuss the Integrated Water Resources Plan (IWRP) currently being developed.  All citizens and interested parties are welcome to attend to have an opportunity to learn about the IWRP process, participants, and progress to date, as well to ask questions about the plan. 

The IWRP takes a holistic approach to managing all water resources including drinking water, wastewater, reclaimed water and storm water, along with their interaction and interrelation with the Harpeth River.  The plan will provide the City of Franklin a “road map” for making investments to improve water resources with a focus on sustainability and consideration of regional goals and partnerships.  Additional information on the IWRP process is available on the City of Franklin website on the Water Management Department homepage at

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