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August 29th, 2010

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Columbia State sponsored the July Williamson County-Franklin Chamber of Commerce Luncheon as "Meeting Host." Pictured from left to right are Development Committee Board members and faculty Ron Beck, Amy Spears-Boyd, Ralph Walker, Ken Horner, Margaret Smith, Pearl Bransford, Paul Gaddis, Janet Smith, Ken Moore, Mary Kate Brown, Shanna Jackson and Paul Hickey.

Columbia State sponsored the July Williamson County-Franklin Chamber of Commerce Luncheon as "Meeting Host." Pictured from left to right are Development Committee Board members and faculty Ron Beck, Amy Spears-Boyd, Ralph Walker, Ken Horner, Margaret Smith, Pearl Bransford, Paul Gaddis, Janet Smith, Ken Moore, Mary Kate Brown, Shanna Jackson and Paul Hickey.


Economic Good News-The United States General Services Administration Agency has just announced that a 115,000 square foot office building will be located in the Nashville area to house the IRS! The building will be located in Cool Springs off International Drive near the Nissan dealership. A combination of job relocations and local hires will make up nearly 700 jobs coming to the area. Combined with the recent announcement of Jackson National Life and there 700 jobs, the job market is looking up for our area.

Flood Update-It has been almost three months since the flood and issues continue to be addressed that are affected residents and damaged City property. Franklin City property damage continues to be reported and the match from the Federal Government has been increased so that the City’s part will likely be around 5%. TEMA will be administering this money and also is working with the City to develop a Hazard Mitigation Grant Program for properties located in the flood plain that are substantially damaged (greater than 50% of value) and also some properties that are not substantially damaged and are located in the flood plain. Application for this program would be voluntary on the part of the homeowner. The City would rank the properties and then with a 75/25% matching program purchase the affected properties and own them. They could be used as green space for example and be maintained by the City or the HOA of the area. This program is still in the developmental stage.

Solar in Franklin?-The State has an active solar program and there is interest from many citizens to promote this effort locally. Already there are three commercial buildings with solar generated power and lots of interest and rumors of others to come. Recently, the Sustainability Commission saw a presentation by City staffers, Dan Allen from Planning and Carl Alexander from IT/ GIS who presented a planning tool for businesses and residents that may want to implement solar energy.  The team presented an overlay of the downtown area which shows the strongest solar spots on the roof tops of their buildings. 

Water Management Budget-This budget is being forwarded to BOMA after being approved by the Budget and Finance Committee. Last year a two year budget was approved and it has now been expanded out five years to help focus on needs and future projects. The total projected expenditures for the department are estimated to be over $15 million dollars. Water Management seeks to recover all costs of delivery in the system since it is an enterprise fund as mandated by State Law and it is anticipated that this will occur over a three year period of time. Highlighted activities of the department include a “leak detection” program to identify water loss, a 25% operating reserve fund, rehabilitation of the raw water reservoir at the water treatment plant, and a twenty-four inch transmission line on Downs Boulevard to improve water delivery to storage tanks on the south side of Franklin. 

August Sales Tax Report-For the fifth consecutive month, sales tax revenues increased compared to the prior year. The 9% increase is reflected $1.96 million dollars this year vs. $1.8 million dollars same month last year. The City share of the Hall Income tax was less than expected and came in 59% less than budgeted at $859,300 dollars. The State average as a whole was 55%.

Septic System Certification Program-The City’s recent installation of sewer service to areas such as Monticello and Highgate have created the need for a septic system certification program. Currently, when sewer becomes available, a citizen may hook on or if they have a functioning septic tank elect not to hook on at that time. To insure public health, this program was instituted to make sure that septic systems were functional. Homeowners will be required every five years of the anniversary of the availability of sewer service to have their septic tank inspected and pumped by a certified pumper. This was the first reading and the public hearing on this will be at the next BOMA meeting.

The Sustainability Community Action Plan- The Sustainability Commission has begun the task of its annual review/revision of the plan. Already a number of action items have been completed and eleven buildings are in the process of being LEED certified. If you have an interest in the activities of the Sustainability Task Force or its committees, respond at the end of the newsletter and you will be contacted.

Breezeway School Rezoning-For the last three BOMA meetings, we have been studying and voting on a rezoning of property for this school in Breezeway subdivision just off Wilson Pike and on Clovercroft Road. This last meeting it passed the final vote and was passed on to the planning commission. In addition to the rezoning, an interlocal agreement and a letter of understanding were completed by the WCSB. The Williamson County School Board bought this land without conditions with the intent of building the school. Prior to our new zoning ordinance, it was not necessary to rezone such a piece of property but under the new ordinance it is required. At issue here have been concerns with traffic in this most eastern portion of the City and its Urban Growth Boundary and the undeniable need for another school to relieve overcrowding at Trinity Elementary School. With passage of the rezoning we will see signalization at McEwen and Wilson Pike, signalization at Wilson Pike and Clovercroft, road improvements at or near these intersections, sewer and pump station improvements as determined needed, and landscape screening of the school. The WSSB will make significant financial contributions and the City will be contributing adequate facilities funds to the project. Going forward, there may be a need to strengthen our zoning ordinance to encourage more school locations in developments that make them more walkable rather than requiring a majority of the students to be bused or car pooled. Addressing this issue will be important as development starts up again. A perfect example is Peere Elementary in the Westhaven Development where many students can walk, ride their bikes, or be dropped off from the family golf cart

Upcoming Events

  • Westhaven 5K-September 18, 2010 
  • Centennial High Homecoming Parade-September 24, 2010
  • Franklin Cowboys Homecoming Parade-September 24, 2010
  • Battle of Franklin Anniversary-October 16-17, 2010. This event will be a reenactment at Harlinsdale and may be viewed from the hilly area above the old barn on the most northern portion of the park off of Franklin Road.

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