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April 24th, 2011

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State of the City Address-This event will be at Liberty Hall at the Factory on April 27 at 7am and will feature a free breakfast, showcasing of City departments, and a multi-media presentation of the State of the City Address.

Sales Tax Report-Revenues continue to be on the positive side again compared to prior year and across the State for the thirteenth consecutive month. The numbers reported in April for the month of February show a $106,847 or 7% increase. Year to date, the City has received $14.9 million dollars compared to the prior year’s revenue of $13.8 million or an increase of 8.4%.

Unknown Soldier Marker Dedication-On April 12, 2011, a historic marker was dedicated to the soldier whose remains were found at a construction in 2009. Over 700 people from across the country donated to place this marker on the grave of Franklin’s Unknown Soldier in Rest Haven Cemetery. The ceremony was highlighted by comments from Margie Thessin of the Battlefield Preservation Commission, Thomas Flagel of Columbia State and Battlefield Preservation Commission, and Robin Hood of the Battlefield Preservation Commission. This and other civil war sites will be of interest to tourist as we approach the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Franklin.

Theater Opening-June 3-4 will be a memorable day as the Franklin Theater reopens its doors after a multi-million dollar renovation of the 290 seat facility. Highlights of the Friday night events will be a VIP movie experience in the theater and four entertainment venues about downtown with large LED screens showing movies and also a swing band. The following day the experience will continue with a ribbon cutting ceremony with a wide range of dignitaries. If you saw the lighting of the marque and the enthusiastic crowds, this should be a memorable event experience.

Regional Transit Authority-The Tennessee General Assembly changed the charter of the RTA in 2009 and this group is being reconstituted.  This group provides transportation options for all citizens of Middle Tennessee and includes carpools, vanpools, regional express bus service, and rail. Franklin will vote soon to continue our membership in this important group. The City and County have taken leadership roles in the past.

The New Old Jail-This City owned property is located on Bridge Street and the Old Old Jail is also. The land is up for rezoning to increase the possibility of redevelopment in the future.  It looks like going forward; this area will have strong possibilities for redevelopment in the future.  It appears that this property may be worth more without the New Old Jail and BOMA will consider awarding a bid for demolition in the near future.

Japan Fallout-During recent computer pricing discussions, there is a strong possibility that the crisis in Japan may cause a potential twenty percent rise in computer pricing.

Sanitary Sewer Assessment District Ordinance-BOMA has started to develop an ordinance to codify the process for all special assessment districts. This ordinance would specify all costs that would be included in these districts. In past districts, this has been more of a process of elimination rather than knowing exactly what is included. This will give clarity to citizens in potential annexation districts in the future.

Hillsboro Road Properties-At Capital Investment Committee Meeting on April 14, the status of a group of properties between Del Rio Pike and Main Street were discussed in regards to the affect of the May 2010 flood. The issue at discussion centered around whether to change some of the prior designs and in particular the Third Avenue Extension that is being considered at a price tag of over Seven Million dollars. This portion of the project includes bridge construction, roads, parking, infrastructure elements, and also some park elements. This area will be reviewed in an upcoming work session. It would be my hope that we can continue as fast as possible to complete this project and not create additional delays that could occur with working thru a re-design.

Prioritizaiton of future capital projects-Alderman in the past have ranked capital projects and matched it with funding opportunities. This year, the board will consider a different approach, which attempts to identify needs going forward that are within our funding plan. The following projects are part of this proposal:

  • Water and Streets Facility-site to be determined
  • Design of Fire Stations #7 and #8
  • Renovation of the barn at Harlinsdale Farm (we are currently looking to complete renovation documents in the near future)
  • Century Court/Beasley Drive Connector to improve traffic flow in that area
  • Design of McEwen V (Wilson Pike to Franklin’s eastern City Limits
  • McEwen Drive @ Wilson Pike intersection improvements.
  • McEwen Drive Phase IV final design and consideration of phasing options
  • South Carothers Parkway Extension potential phasing options

These are only initial considerations but it seems a good way to address many pressing issues.

Paid for by Ken Moore for Mayor, Lisa Lu Smith treasurer.

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