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April 6th, 2013

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Mack Hatcher Disappointment-TDOT recently announced its three year plan and for the seventeenth year since conception, the project is not yet funded. It was disappointing to learn that the Mack Hatcher NW Extension Project was not listed as part of this plan.  Franklin continues to be “blessed” with multiple road projects to continue to move traffic in a more efficient manner in the future. The City will continue to work with TDOT to update the plans to ensure this project is ready for construction in the event funding becomes available.  TDOT will bid additional widening of I-65 and the Goose Creek interchange reconstruction/enhancement later this year.
Carothers South Extension project. Good news that this road project from Falcon Creek to the Highlands at Ladd Park is moving along. The bid notice for construction of the Carothers Parkway South Extension Project appeared in the classifieds of the Sunday, April 21, 2013 edition of The Tennesseannewspaper.  The bid opening is set for Tuesday, May 14, 2013 at 10:00 AM in the Franklin City Hall Boardroom.  This project is expected to have a construction time of approximately 24 months.
Sales Tax report. The local sales tax remittance from the State of Tennessee for April was $1,856,748 compared to $1,729,002 for the same month in 2012, an increase of $127,746, or 7.4%.  Year-to-date, the City has received $17.2 million compared to $15.9 million in the previous year, a difference of $1,300,062 or 8.2%.   For budget comparisons, the City anticipated collections of $16.6 million through the first eight months of the fiscal year.  Through February, the City is $573,356 above budgeted collections.  As a further comparison, the February collection of $1.85 million compares to $1.75 million in 2008, $1.51 million in 2009, $1.52 million in 2010 and $1.63 million in 2011.
Earth Day-Participation in earth day took two forms for me this year. The first was a ride on the 91X express bus from Franklin to Nashville. The day started with a ride on the Franklin Transit TODD to the bus stop. Return trip was by VanStar service. The other event occurred at Pinkerton Park with a proclamation and tree climbing.
“Love Your Neighborhood”-This is the first event promoted by the Housing Commission to help raise awareness of our many neighborhoods in Franklin. The  event conducted in the Hill Estates neighborhood was a big success!  The Solid Waste Department hauled away 6.55 tons of household garbage; 2.83 tons of bulky items and brush; 1.21 tons of tires; 12 paint containers; and one 55 gallon drum of oil.  The total debris taken out of the neighborhood last Saturday was 10.59 tons!  Watch for other opportunities to participate and volunteer.
Old, Old Jail Sale-BOMA approved the sale of this property to the Heritage Foundation for $25,000 at a recent meeting. The property which lies in the flood fringe overlay had been declared as surplus several years ago and a previous request for proposals did not satisfy the City’s vision for the building. The opportunity to stimulate economic development along Bridge Street and to save a historic building is a positive step forward. The Heritage Foundation plans to spend over $1.5 million dollars for the renovation.
Multipurpose Equestrian Area at Harlinsdale-The Board recently heard a presentation by Friends of Franklin Parks, LLC proposing to “bring the horse” back to Harlinsdale with a proposal to build a multi-purpose arena. This would be a privately funded effort by the group.
Land Trust at Harlinsdale-The City is working with the Land Trust of Tennessee to clarify language in the agreement for the land trust. The clarification will not expand the list of permitted uses but will only serve to clarify what our agreements have been in the past. It will not open up the opportunity for carnivals.
Billing and Collection of Property Taxes to the Williamson County Trustee-In the future, look for a single bill that will include City and County taxes and their remittal to the County Trustee. This will be done thru an interlocal agreement that will save money and improve efficiency for the City and decrease some confusion on taxes.
Franklin TV- Since 2001 Franklin TV has been broadcasting on Comcast Channel 10. Their programming has recently expanded after the construction of a studio in City Hall. These programs include: “Moore with the Mayor”, “A Walk in the Park”, and “Franklin Heat”. These programs can be viewed on You Tube or on Channel 10.

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