Ken’s Vision

Our city has seen many changes in the past four years.  Much of this has been influenced by the economy, which has forced city leaders to tighten our belts and make strategic budget cuts.  As we have faced reduced revenues, we have managed to avoid layoffs and reducing city services.   Our tax rates have remained stable and our reserve fund balance has remained strong.   This is a credit to great leadership and the quality employees who work for the City of Franklin. 

Dr. Ken MooreThe City also implemented some important changes in management and structure.  A charter change set the way for a new policy to allow department heads to be hired by the City Administrator, not the Board of Mayor and Alderman.  This is consistent with how most companies operate and has led to more consistency and professionalism in city government.  Thanks to the leadership and vision of our new City Manager, Eric Stuckey, city government has become more efficient and customer-friendly.

As we move forward as a city, my commitment as Mayor is to focus on the issues that matter most and give them our utmost attention.  These include fiscal responsibility, transportation, infrastructure, and economic development. 

The city is recognized for our strong finances, which includes a AAA bond rating by both Moody’s and Standard and Poor’s.  These ratings are not easily obtained and new policies such as the debt fund policy and our reserve fund policy have given us a financial roadmap for the future to ensure that we stay strong financially.

Transportation and infrastructure are among the most important responsibilities of city government .  There are numerous capital projects that will require our attention in the next several years.   We will depend on our established ranking process that gives us an objective method for selecting projects based on need, timelines and availability of funding.   Also, we are in the process of establishing a long-range plan to address our water infrastructure needs for the next thirty-five years.  It will address not only our drinking water but also storm water and wastewater needs.  It will allow us to make determinations about whether to expand our existing water and wastewater facilities or to explore new facilities.  These are critical decisions as we anticipate significant population growth in the years ahead.   

We continue to face challenges in the area of transportation.  City leaders have made this a priority and it will remain a focus of my administration as Mayor.   Recently we have seen the completion of projects such as Columbia Avenue Streetscape, Royals Oaks interchange, and Del Rio Pike improvements.  We have recently been authorized to begin obtaining right of way for Hillsboro Road and have funded this project.  Mack Hatcher right of way purchase has begun and awaits State funding which is likely to occur in 2012. The McEwen Drive Phase III bid has been awarded and should be completed in early 2012.  It is important to note that most projects that are coming in below budget estimates and with the recent favorable bond ratings, more projects are being funded and our dollars are being stretched.  

The effort to make Franklin a “top 25 sustainable City in its class” has been successful.  Franklin has promoted and implemented programs that improve air quality, reduce electricity usage, and send less waste to the landfill. The “blue bag” program up to this point has proved successful and has been implemented without an additional collection fee.

Economic development is critical in sustaining our current quality of life, low taxes, and financial stability as a city.  We have been fortunate to enjoy a number of Fortune 500 corporate relocations that have brought with them hundreds of new jobs to our area. These companies are attracted to our community for many reasons including our business-friendly environment, our emphasis on preserving and promoting our heritage, and our strong education system.  A key part of economic development is supporting and promoting our existing businesses and encourage their growth.   Our city must look for ways to highlight the businesses in our community and make government more efficient and predictable to ensure that they prosper.  

Many important decisions lie ahead but we have a roadmap for success.   As Mayor, I will solicit the input of all citizens in all parts of our city as we determine what is best for Franklin.   Our commitment is to keep Franklin as one of the most desirable cities in the country and as a leader in how we manage our planning and finances.   This will be driven not just by our elected officials and our city employees, but by the amazing citizens of Franklin whose character and spirit we witnessed last year during the devastating floods.   Working together we can make Franklin an even better place to live, work and raise our families.

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